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VONETS VAP11S Industrial High Power 2.4GHz WiFi Bridge/Repeater/Mini Router/ Ethernet to WiFi Hotspot Extender 300Mbps with 2 RJ45 Ports/Antennas USB/DC Powered for DVR Monitor Network Devices

  • ...-in-one technology: professional wifi router, wifi bridge, wifi repeater, can achieve WiFi to Wired or Wired to WiFi function(WiFi to Ethernet or Ethernet to WiFi convert), WiFi rate: 300Mbps..
  • 【Multiple Application Methods】Router mode (support WiFi WAN uplink and WAN/LAN exchange), WiFi Repeater(can extend WiFi transmission distance), WiFi Bridge( IP layer or MAC layer transparent transmission). Perfect for Network Printer, PLC, robot, monitor, DVR, IP camera, Medical devices, IoT devices, Video transmission, POS Cash Register, PS3, and more network applications..
  • 【Point-to-Point Transmission Distance】External smart omnidirectional 2pcs 2.4GHz external antennas, maximum can be up to 200 meters when without obstacle and small data (by 802.11n), less than 100 meters when used for video transmission, WiFi Tx Power:19/23dBm(2.4GHz), easy to set up. 1 Fixing Kit and 1 Industrial DC connector, more suitable for industrial applications..
  • 【Multiple Application Methods】WiFi Signal Repeater: can extend WiFi transmission distance.
  • WiFi Bridge: IP layer transparent transmission, MAC layer transparent transmission.
  • Router Mode: support WiFi WAN uplink and WAN/LAN exchange. Perfect for Network/Medical/IoT devices, Network Printer, PLC, robot, monitor, DV....
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Raidenracing Upgrade Harden Steel 50T Main Spur Gear 1 Mod M1 for Traxxas X-MAXX E-REVO 2.0 New MAXX XO-1 - 1 pc

  • Set include one 0.5 modulus 6MM Hole Dia brass gear shaft and one 60 T brass gear wheel..
  • The transmission structure of shaft is simple, compact, small volume and light weight..
  • Shaft Z1=1, turn a round of gear T, can get a large transmission ratio, generally in the power transmission, the transmission ratio I=10-80, like big transmission ratio, if use with gear transmission, will need to take the multi-stage transmission..
  • High quality material selection, carefully processing create high quality product..
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TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor Mustang OL, Two-Way Talk, Long Range up to 1000 ft, Temperature Monitoring and Warning, Lullabies, Vibration, LCD Display, 1 Adaptor 2 Sets of Rechargeable Batteries

  • DIGITAL TRANSMISSION: The Baby Monitor uses 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission, and the transmission signal is fast and stable. Both the upper unit and the lower unit can be powered by 5V DC or 3 * 1.5V AAA batteries.
  • TWO-WAY CONVERSATION: The Baby Monitor has an internal microphone and speaker for two-way conversation and audio monitoring. Allow parents and babies to communicate at any time to ensure the effectiveness of the function.
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY: The Baby Monitor product has extremely high sensitivity, which can easily inform the parents of the baby's crying when the lights are turned on. The Baby Monitor is easy to match and connect, plug and play.
  • PRIVACY: The Baby Monitor supports data encryption and volume adjustment to ensure privacy. Clip the parent device to the belt and take advantage of extended range and battery-powered operation.
  • WIDE TRANSMISSION RANGE: The transmission range of The Baby Monitor product in the open space is up to 250m, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety even if you leave home. Therefore, there is no need to worry about signal instability due to distance.
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Topping HS01 USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Isolator Compatible with PCM32bit 768kHz DSD512 withstands up to 1kVRMS

  • Leading innovation - Previous isolators were limited to Full Speed (12 MBit/s) and Low Speed (1.5 MBit/s) transmission. This product is capable of....
  • USB2.0 High Speed - HS01 supports USB2.0 High Speed transmission, which is compatible with high-resolution audio transmission such as PCM32bit/768kHz....
  • Low latency - The latency is only 0.29us, which fully meets hifi and professional applications' needs. Note: Generally, the latency of USB device is....
  • Galvanic Isolation - This product is an ideal solution to break ground loops, avoid noise coupling and protect ports from power surges and voltage....
  • Precautions - When the device connected to HS01 exceeds the current output capability, an external auxiliary power supply can be used. Please note....
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RadioShack Advanced 3-Station/3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom (43-3105)

  • Lockable talk button to monitor another room with confidence.
  • FM circuitry provides clear, reliable reception and transmission.
  • 3 Channels( A-200KHz, B-270KHz, C-230KHZ).
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K&W 402916X6 Trans-X High Mileage Automatic Transmission Treatment - 16 Fl Oz Leak Repair Solution for Automotive, Power Steering, Hydraulic Systems | Car Care Fluids

  • K&W SEALANTS & SOLUTIONS: From head gaskets and engine blocks to automatic transmissions and power steering, K&W products are made to stop leakage in aging vehicles. Our sealants provide an effective alternative to costly repairs and parts replacements..
  • TRANS-X LEAK REPAIR FLUID: Specially developed for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more, this automatic transmission fluid extends the transmission life, stops leaks, repairs leaks, prevents future leaks & restores smooth shifting..
  • APPLICATION RANGE: Our leak stop fluid is formulated to prevent and restore smooth shifting in vehicles with high mileage. Trans-X is not compatible with CVT or manual transmissions..
  • SAFE HANDLING: Highly flammable transmission stop slip must be stored in a well-ventilated place away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety glasses and gloves..
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Trans-X High Mileage Transmission Fluid is available with 16 Fl Oz fill..
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TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router Archer AX73 - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router High-Speed ax Router for Streaming Long Range Coverage Renewed

  • Built in 9dBi 2x2 dual polarized directional MIMO antenna.
  • Adjustable transmission Power from 0 to 27dBm/500mW. Power Consumption: 10.5 Watts Max, Note: When deployed using Passive PoE, the power drawn from....
  • System level optimizations for more than 5km long-range wireless transmission (only for paired Point-to-Point or Point-to-MultiPoint transmission).
  • TP Link Pharos tdma (Time Division Multiple Access) technology improves product Performance in throughput, Capacity and latency Performance.
  • Centralized management system Pharos Control.
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USB HUB for Nintendo Switch USB 3.0 Hub Compatible with Nintendo Switch PC Laptop PS5 PS4 PS3 Xbox One with 4 USB Ports

  • USB 3.0 Fast Input - USB 3.0 Hub is the universal extender for extended multi-port USB 3.0 date transmission.
  • it is compatible with Nintendo Switch,....
  • 4 USB 3.0 data-transmission interfaces - Plugging the USB3.0 connecting line to the USB3.0 data interface of the console, 4 USB 3.0 data-transmission....
  • HIGH-SPEED USB 3.0 DATA TRANSMISSION - Use high-speed USB 3.0 data transmission hub processor chip. USB3.0 transmission speed is 10 times that of....
  • Electrical Property - The reading speed of 4 USB interfaces of this product is 3.0 transmission speed and compatible with USB2.0 data transmission. If....
  • Auxiliary Power - It has the usb type c port on the side. You can plug the USB type c cable into the switch usb hub. The maximum input current of this....
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Cocktail Maker

  • ...pressor with copper wires helps refrigerate and form swiftly,more power-efficient,lower decibel and noise.Fine and even smoothie mixed together gives you a tender and smooth taste in summer..
  • 【INTELLIGENT CONFIGURATION】- The slushy machine adopts latest electromagnetic transmission shaft,the parts and magnetic transmission are much better than traditional electromagnetic transmission shaft,increasing mixed resistance and minced friction.Additionally,The frozen drink maker is equipped with intelligence temperature control system so it can works automatically at a constant temperature.In addition,the slushy machine can be set to NIGHT mode,keep material temperature 3~7℃(37.4~44.6 °F)..
  • 【RELIABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE】 - The operation of the frozen drink machine is simply completed by touch buttons.It is the perfect choice for frozen cocktail,margarita,daiquiri,juice,milkshake,smoothie,iced coffee,iced cappuccino,which can bring more business for your drink shops,bars,restaurants,cafeterias,dessert shops.Quality commitment:our product is provided with 18 months warranty.Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions about our produ....
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USB Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver with LCD Screen,GaoMee 3-in-1 Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Support TF Card & FM Transmit,3.5mm Bluetooth Adapter for PC,TV,Wired Speaker,Headphones and Car

  • (BEST 6 in 1 BLUETOOTH 5.0 ADAPTER)This 5.0 Bluetooth adapter integrates the functions of Bluetooth receiving, Bluetooth transmission, TF card playback, USB in-line LED digital display, FM transmission (Frequency adjustable) and key control into one..
  • (SUPPORT FM TRANSMIT for CAR)FM transmission function is used to [upgrade] the car audio to a Bluetooth speaker, to achieve wireless music listening, navigation, and phone hand-free call, and the frequency is adjustable..
  • (SCREEN DISPALY)Unique screen design can choose the Bluetooth headset or speaker to connect.The screen will show whether the product is in TX mode or RX mode, and there will also be the name of the Bluetooth connected to the product.You could insert the Bluetooth adapter into a USB jack directly, or can also insert it into a power adapter, very convenient..
  • (Transmission mode)TF/signal input from outside is transmitted to the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker through Bluetooth of this device. (playing on other Bluetooth devices).
  • (NO BATTERY and POWER VIA USB)This bluetooth transmitter is powered via USB, no battery so you don't need to charge it. If your TV haven't USB port, you can use any phone charger, PC USB or other 5V USB outlet, then it will automatically turns on ('TX' 'RX' f....
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Vrriis Wireless Video Transmission System 820FT 250M Range 1080P Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz Dual-Band Transmission 0.06S Low Latency IR Remotecontrol & Loop-Out

  • 【0.06S Low Latency Local Loop-out,820FT 1080p Video & Audio Transmission】Vrriis Wireless Video Transmission System has 820ft in line of sight transmission range between TX and RX with 0.06S low latency,the wireless transmitter and receiver 1080P 60Hz and backward compatible for more resolutions.TX can up to [email protected] HD IN,Loop-out [email protected] signal,which can bring you excellent visual enjoyment..
  • 【IR Return and One to Many】This wireless hdmi transmitter will send back the IR signal so you can control source device at receiver’s end and playback device remotely.Wireless HDMI extender kit can switch between 4 different devices at most, you can add more RX as you needed,up to 4RXs..
  • 【 Dual antenna,Dual-band Tranmission 】 Dual antenna for strong signal,and Dual-band 2.4GHz &5.8GHz high speed transmission,this product can go through walls within a certain range,stable and reliable..
  • 【Support Multiple Power Options】Our VRRIIS 900S Wireless HDMI Extender Kit offers a variety of power supply options and can be powered by NP-F Series:F970,F750,F550 series batteries,5V2A type-C & adaptors,and 5V2A portable rechargeables,meet the power supply needs encountered when using various scenarios. Note: Our products ....
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TP-LINK N300 Long Range 11n 2.4G Wireless Outdoor Access Point, IP65 Waterproof, Ideal for Garden Wireless, w/Passive PoE Injector, Flexible Installation, Free EAP Controller Software (EAP110-Outdoor)

  • Built in 9dBi 2x2 dual polarized directional MIMO antenna.
  • Adjustable transmission Power from 0 to 27dBm/500mW. Power Consumption: 10.5 Watts Max, Note: When deployed using Passive PoE, the power drawn from the power source will be higher by some amount depending on the length of the connecting cable.
  • System level optimizations for more than 5km long-range wireless transmission (only for paired Point-to-Point or Point-to-MultiPoint transmission).
  • TP Link Pharos tdma (Time Division Multiple Access) technology improves product Performance in throughput, Capacity and latency Performance.
  • Centralized management system Pharos Control.
  • AP/ client/ AP router/ AP client router (WISP) operation modes.
  • Passive PoE adapter Suppots up to 60 meter (200 Feet) Power over Ethernet deployment and allows the device to be reset remotely.
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