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NETVUE Birdfy - Smart Bird Feeder Camera, Bird Watching Camera Auto Capture Bird Videos & Notify When Birds Detected, AI Identify Bird Species, Bird House with Camera WiFi Wireless (Camera+Solar)

  • 【Watch Birds On Your Phone Anywhere, Anytime】- Still watch birds by binocular? NETVUE smart bird feeder with camera can auto capture & Identify all coming birds, and you will receive real-time notifications of feather visitors via the phone app. This revolutionary smart bird detective camera allows you to close up shoots full of character and provides the best experience to upgrade your birdwatching journey. You will never miss out on any birds in your backyard!.
  • 【Smart AI Identify 6000+ Bird Species】- Wanna know what species of the detected birds? This smart bird feeder camera with the world's leading AI algorithm recognizes more than 6000 types and species of birds for you. You can look up further details and introduction of the bird species in the Netvue app with the recognition result. Meanwhile, it can accurately identify squirrels, and you can drive away squirrels by flashlight, siren, or just say "Go away" through the microphone..
  • 【Patent Bird-friendly Design】- The birdhouse camera is professionally designed as a beautiful home for your backyard birds. IP65 weatherproof and firm stand make it a solid house for birds. The 1.5L large capacity container can store enough food for birds so you don't need to add bird food frequently.....
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Bird Feeding Station Hanger Multi Bird Feeder Pole with Metal Suet Feeder Bird Bath Mesh Tray Stand for Attracting Wild Birds for Hanging Birdfeeder & Flower Basket

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This bird feeder station is equipped with 4 shepherd hooks at the top, and 2 additional hooks, you can adjust it anywhere on the bird feeder pole, all hooks are deep in curvature and feeders aren’t easy to fall from hooks. The base of bird feeder kit has 5 prongs can firmly grasp the ground when put in the ground, the bird feeder kit is not easily bent down by the wind. Bird feeder kits also included 4 different bird feeders, which can invite wild birds, sparrows and finches..
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Standing bird feeder pole is made of high quality metal. Welds are not easy to crack, because they are well handled. In addition, the surface of the product has been painted with black paint. The bird feeder poles kit is not easy to rust. All these designs increase product’s durability..
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: You can loosen and tighten the nuts manually and you can easily adjust the components to any desired position. No tools are required to install bird feeding station. There are five prong base in total, making it easier to fix this bird feeder extension kit. The bird feeding net tray and water bowl can be separated and it is very convenient to clean. This wild bird feeder hanging is 90.5 inches tall and can hang more things, h....
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Bird Parakeet Toy Bird Cage Hammock Bird Perch Natural Coconut Hideaway with Ladder Swing Chewing Hanging Bell Toy with Mirror for Parrots,Parakeet,Conure,Cockatiel,Budgerigar,Love Birds,Mynah,Finches

  • MULTI FUNCTION BIRD TOYS: The bird toys include 6 difference type bird toys which will meet your various needs.Toys made of natural material and come with crisp sound bells can attract the attention of your birds,let your bird's feet relax while also offer exercise opportunities to keep your birds healthy and fit. Provide your little lovely bird an ideal elevated place to standing,climbing, playing,chewing,resting,etc.It's the perfect gift for your pet birds..
  • SAFETY: These interesting Bird toys are made of natural material to ensure the health and safety of your bird friends.They are exactly handmade, bite-resistant and very durable. They can attract the attention of parrots very easily.Climb and explore,satisfy their urge to chew and they surely will have a better time..
  • FOR VARIOUS BIRDS:Provides your bird friends a fun elevated place to play.
  • Make your birds keep exercise and then strengthen their muscles.Suitable for parakeets, cockatiel, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynah, finches ,pineapple and other small to medium Birds..
  • INSTALL EASLY:An active hook on our bird cage toys can attache to any bird cage and will provide hours of fun every day.Save your bird cage's space and give a decoration to bird cages..
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VEWOGARDEN Blue Bird Baths for Outdoors Large Garden Metal Bird Bath 17.7" Bird Bath Bowl Bird Bath and Feeder Combo Garden Birdbath Standing Bird Feeder Bath with Folding Bracket

  • 【Vintage Garden Bird Bath】The outdoor bird bath is 28.3" H, the diameter of the bird bath bowl is 17.7". There are a cute bird statue and a little feeder on the edge of the bird bath basin, which can attract more birds to stop and enjoy a good time together in in the bird baths..
  • 【Metal Bird Bath】Our bird baths for outdoors are made of high quality metal material and covered with safety coating, not easy to rust. Sturdy and durable, windproof and rainproof, , environmentally friendly, no pungent smell. The birds can rest and drink safely in the birdbath..
  • 【Optional Usages & Practical】The copper bird bath is multi-purpose. It can be used as a deep bird bath or bird feeder. When you fill the bird bath bowl with enough water, it can be a standing bird bath. When you want to use it as a bird feeder, just swap the water for seed or grain..
  • 【Pedestal Bird Baths】The components of the standing bird bath are easy to install without the help of extra tools, just follow the assembly instructions to tighten all parts. Our birdbath bracket is folding. Comes with three U-shaped nails that attach to the botto....
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Mageloly 8 Pack Bird Scare Discs, Bird Woodpecker Deterrent Repellent Devices Control Outdoor Reflective Disks Keep Birds Woodpecker Pigeon Duck Owls Geese Herons Crows Away

  • Durable & lasting: our bird deterrent devices is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability and service life. The bird repellent devices outdoor has high reflectivity and can be used continuously for a long time..
  • Environmental friendly: Mageloly woodpecker deterrent only reflects strong light, allowing birds to avoid naturally, scare birds away from patio house garden roof window and boat, but will not harm them, bird scare dics for windows keep..
  • Easy to install: the bird discs imply hang over crops or the problem area, making sure the bird control is in sunlight, so our bird deterrent causes the bird reflective discs to keep birds away. More attractive than most conventional repellents and look great on your house or around the garden..
  • Ideal choice: the bird reflective disks can keep your gardens, crops, windows, boats, cars and pools from bird damage effectively. Best bird tools to scare birds away..
  • Beautiful decorations: the bird scare disc has beautiful appearance, our bird deterrent devices can be used as decorations in the courtyard, dual function. These bird reflective discs will become your indoor and outdoor a beautiful scenery, let your home become a more warm harbor and keep birds away..
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Joyhalo Metal Bird Feeders for Outdoors Hanging 4 lbs Capacity Hanging Bird Feeder Heavy Duty Wild Bird Feeders Bird Seed Feeder for Cardinal Sparrow Finch Etc in Backyard Garden

  • 【Retractable Thistle Bird Feeder】 Retractable Design let the large bird feeder have a capacity of 4bls.The bird seed feeder suitable for most seed like dry mealy worms, ground corn, Ground peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, thistle ect. A adjustable capacity sunflower seed bird feeder for mixed seed..
  • 【360-Degree Bird Feeders】 Combine the advantages of tube bird feeder and platform bird feeder. Mesh surface and bottom seed feeding tray with perches provide birds with more feeding space. Attracting various birds like cardinal, gold finch, red Finch, mourning dove, sparrow, starling ect. A great bird feeders for outside wild birds..
  • 【Durable Metal Bird Feeder】 The bird feeder made entirely of all metal with a red (green) rust resistant coating. Can't stop squirrels from climbing up but can prevent them from damaging. 6 drainage holes at the bottom. Can be used in sunny, rainy, windy or snowy weather. Nice outdoor bird feeder for birdwatchers to feed birds in all seasons..
  • 【Easy to Use】 The cardinal bird feeder comes with a fixed pole accessory, making it easy to fill with one hand, without having to adjust the capacity with another hand. The bird feeders easy to clean, simply rinse with water..
  • 【Hanging Bird Feeder】 The bird feede....
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Bird Parakeet Toys,Swing Hanging Standing Chewing Toy Hammock Climbing Ladder Bird Cage Colorful Toys Suitable for Budgerigar Parakeet Conure Cockatiel Mynah Love Birds Finches

  • 11 PIECES BIRD TOYS: The bird toys include 11Pieces parrot toys to meet most bird's needs.Crisp bells' sounds and colorful wooden toys will catch the attention of your birds,they will spend most time to play with their interesting new toys. they are suitable for bird sports,standing,climbing, playing, chewing, resting,etc. It's the perfect gift for your bird friends..
  • FOR VARIOUS BIRDS:Our bird toys provide your birds a good elevated place to meet your birds' natural needs.
  • Make most birds do exercise ,strengthen their muscles, exactly suit for small parakeets, cockatiels, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynahs, finches ,pineapples ect..
  • SAFE: These small interesting Bird toys are made of natural wood that dyed with edible color,which ensure the health and safety of your pet birds. They are completely handmade, very durable and bite-resistant. They can easily draw the attention of your pet parrots in a short time,climbbing and exploring..
  • EASY TO INSTALL: All bird cage toys come with an hook which can attaches to the top of the bird cage easily.With these interesting bird toys attached in their cage,saving space and decorating the cage, your birds will have fun every day..
  • GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our products, just return it and a ....
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Birds Choice BSC-LEAF WindowCling, Ultraviolet

  • SAVE THE BIRDS YOU LOVE: Bird Saver window clings are stop signs for birds and are highly visible to bird's..
  • REFLECT ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT: Bird's Choice Bird Saver window clings are specially designed to reflect ultra-violet light something birds see vividly..
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to a clean exterior surface, when glass is warmer than 50 F, space 2" to 4" apart, Replace every 4 months..
  • MULTIPLE DESIGNS: Choose from Butterfly, Leaf, Hummingbird, and Snowflake..
  • PROTECT SONG BIRDS: Placing Bird Saver Window Clings will help save the songbirds we all love from flying into windows..
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Bleuhome 2 Pack of Bird Bath Bowl 14 inch 1.6 Depth 12 14 16 18 19 inch Heavy Duty BirdBath Bowls only Plastic Round Large Plant Saucer Dish for Garden 14 Terracotta

  • 【Large & Simple】Birdbath Bowls 14 inch, 2 packs terra cotta bird bath dish. Diameter is 14", depth about 1.6". Our bird bath bowl will not turn over when the birds stand on the side of bird bath bowl for water.Elevate your landscape and invite birds to your garden space with this gorgeous large and simple unique piece..
  • 【Strong and Durable】Made of a thick high-quality PP that's great for outdoor or indoor use and durable lasting for seasons to come! Sturdy plastic tray for a bird bath bowl that will last for years to come. Durable, large, and functional, this bird bath bowl is the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space!.
  • 【Multi function】High cost performance. Provide clean water to the wild birds with the 14 inch bird bath bowl. It can be used as a simple bird feeder when it's used to hold bird food, the tray with seeds as a bird feeder for birds to munch on. Birds can safely perch, bathe, drink and eat here, which will be a beautiful scenery in your garden..
  • 【Use for Outdoor Garden】Large Bath baths bowl is a nice gardening gift for your yard and garden. Perfect to invite your bird friends to enjoy it as bird bath or birdfeeder, and birdbath is also suitable for the garden yard lawn decoration.Outdoor Hanging the bird feeder....
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Morning View Rustic Yellow Metal Sunflower Birdhouse with Ladybug Swirled Metal Wire Hand Painted Hanging Garden Bird House for Outside Sunflower Yard Outdoor Decor

  • Sunflower Bird Houses Decor: Hand Painted Metal Birdhouses are environmentally friendly and blend in perfectly with the natural elements in your yard. Sturdy iron construction, the small hanging birdhouses is designed for outdoor use. Sunflower bird house with ladybug and swirled wire is made from durable metal would be more eco-friendly with clever detailing..
  • Beautiful and Unique bird house: Hand painted with a rustic look, this ideal shelter for small birds hanging sculpture features a cute vivid yellow sunflower with red ladybug and swirled metal sunflower seeds will add flare to any garden, patio or porch. Sunflower elements of welcome decorative hand-painted bird house, creating a warm and cheer atmosphere..
  • Bird Hut: Metal holiday hand painted birdhouse measures 13 x 6 x 4.25 inch, making the little metal bird house ideal for small birds from your local region to nest inside these house-shaped refuges. The country cottages bird house is fully assembled, no other hardware required. Ideal for Small Birds..
  • Lovely Decorative Birdhouse: The yellow sunflower outdoor nests cages are designed to attract little birds. Garden bird house can provide home to various small birds looking for a safe shelter to set up a house. These sweet metal birdhouses is a ....
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Hpycohome Bird Bath for Outdoors Horizontally Stable Durable Large Capacity Birdbath for Deck Mount with Adjustable Metal Clamp for Garden Patio Lawn Decorative

  • A Gathering Place for Feather Friends: Hpycohome outdoor bird bath is the perfect addition to your deck! S-shaped metal clamp hold the bird bath from the middle, keeping your bird bath bowl horizontal and stable. Beautifully filled with fresh water to attract feathered friends to drink and bathe, the deck bird bath becomes a happy gathering place for birds!.
  • Durable: Hpycohome deck bird baths consist of durable plastic bowls and metal clamp. The large bird bath bowl is made of high quality material and is very strong. The metal clamp can be securely clamped to the deck and remain stable in the event of wind and rain, and is durable enough to be reused for many years..
  • Bird Friendly Design: Hpycohome deck bird bath for outdoors is 13 inches in diameter and 1.8 inches deep, with a large capacity to give birds plenty of water so you don't have to refill it as often. The garden bird bath is designed with round holes around the edges to allow birds to perch easily..
  • Easy to Install and Clean: No tools required for Hpycohome deck bird bath installation, insert the S-shaped metal clips into the corresponding jacks in the bird bath bowl, clamp the bird bath to your own patio deck, and you've got a perch the birds will love! Easy to clean, unscrew the screw knob....
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Fussbric Smart Bird Feeder with Camera, App Notification, AI Recognition and Automatic Bird Sensing, Bird House Bird Feeder with Built-in Microphone, Outdoor Wild Bird feeders Popular with Birds,Green

  • 【Gospel for bird lovers】: Are you a bird lover? Are you still worrying about not being able to see the bird's appearance up close? Do you still spend more time in hiding every day to capture the beautiful moments of birds? Are you still flipping through the website to find the introduction of an unknown bird? If so, then our smart bird feeder will be your greatest help!.
  • 【Automatic sensing function】: When a bird visitor comes, our outdoor bird feeder will send you the visit information through the APP as soon as possible. The high-speed running super chip of this smart bird feeder can determine whether there is a bird visitor in a few seconds, allowing you to see the real-time dynamics of the bird visitor more quickly!.
  • 【Intelligent recognition function】: The APP has a built-in powerful bird recognition system. There are 9,000+ bird species known in the world today, including large, medium and small birds. However, our bird feeder's powerful bird database can identify more than 5000+ common and rare small and medium-sized birds, and provide an overview of the corresponding birds. With this smart bird feeder, you never have to worry about not being able to recognize new birds!.
  • 【Excellent shooting function and built-in microphone】: the bi....
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