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Zipper Compression Socks-2Pairs Calf Knee High Open Toe Compression Stocking (C- BLACK/NUDE, Large-X-Large)

  •, traffic police, shopping guides, beauticians, doctors, nurses, etc. People who sit for a long time: IT staff, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office workers stand or sit for a long time: Due to muscle fatigue and gravity, the blood flowing to the lower leg is not smooth, and the increase in blood viscosity leads to lower limb vein disease..
  • ✨ BEST WISHES AND ALWAYS BLESSING - our company hope zipper compression socks will always be by your side. Any dissatisfaction is guaranteed a 100% refund, please rest assured to order. Your satisfaction and good health are our top priorities. We believe you will choose it! If you have any questions, please contact our customer.
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GLTL Paint-4 Liquid Viscosity Test Tool w/Viscometer Flow Cup Viscometer Ford Cup 4# Flow Viscosity Cup Liquid Flow Meter Liquid Viscosity Tester with Base

  • ★It is made of relevant standards-ASTM D1200-2010《 Standard Test Method for Viscosity by Ford Viscosity Cup》.
  • --The correction coefficient K value is the time after the filling of the viscosity cup with the secondary standard oil under the set temperature conditions (such as 20 °C ± 0.1 °C), the flow time should be in the range of 30s ~ 100s, the K value should be 1 ± Within 0.03 range. The viscometer should be periodically calibrated to the extent of its frequency of use..
  • ★ 4 Viscosity Cup belongs to laboratory, workshop, control and test instruments. The measured viscosity is conditional viscosity. Namely: a certain amount of sample, at a certain temperature, from the prescribed diameter of the hole flow out of time..
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Parachute Gold Hair Oil Anti Hair Fall - 6.8 fl.oz. (200ml) - Coconut & Garlic Hair Care Oil

  • ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Cocolipids and Garlic enriched hair fall control oil..
  • INGREDIENTS: It contains goodness of cocolipids and nutrition of garlic..
  • BENEFITS: Cocolipids helps in maintaining viscosity of hair. Garlic is a rich source of vitamin C which improves blood circulation in your scalp and and reduce hair fall..
  • PURE FOR SURE PROMISE: Made from 100% natural Coconut which is free from any impurities..
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: Parachute Gold range of hair creams and hair oils are uniquely designed for men. Parachute Gold provides the unique nourishment of coconut in a very modern format of hair creams and hair oils. Parachute Gold oil and creams are available in different variants of Extra Nourishment, Extra Moisturising, Dandruff Control and Intensive Care..
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KUNHEWUHUA Digital Viscometer 15~100,000 mPa.s Rotary Viscosity Meter Tester NDJ-5S Newton Liquid Fluidimeter Tester 100-240v

  • ❤ 【APPLICATION】Digital rotary viscometers are widely used in the measurement of viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids such as inks, paints, coatings, adhesives, greases, juices, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biological fluids, rubber, mud, pulp, etc..
  • ❤ 【FEATURES】The screen can directly display the viscosity, rotation speed, rotor number, percentage torque and other information. The full scale of the viscometer is automatically corrected according to the standard silicone oil standard value. The measurement result is accurate and reliable, and the repeatability is good..
  • ❤ 【ROTORS】Equipped with a No. 1-4 viscometer rotors. Different rotors can be selected according to the viscosity range of different test liquids, and different speeds can be set..
  • ❤ 【NDJ-8S】The NDJ-8S has a larger viscosity measurement range. The NDJ-5S can be selected for liquids with a small viscosity change range. The NDJ-9S is equipped with a temperature sensor for experimental projects where liquid temperature needs to be monitored at any time. The additional No. 0 rotor is suitable for liquids with a viscosity range of 0-15 mPa.s..
  • ❤ We are the original factory of the viscometer machine, we are confident with our products. If you have any qu....
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MYTOL Cordless Paint Sprayer, 2*20V 2.0Ah Batteries & 1 Charger, HVLP Electric Paint Sprayer Includes 3 Copper Nozzles & 3 Patterns, 800ml Container, 600W High Power Paint Sprayer for Home & Outdoors

  • 【TWO BATTERIES INCLUDED】In contrast to the AC power cord, the cordless design makes you have no power cord restrictions. You can also work in places where there is no socket around. Two batteries will allow you to work entirely without worrying about running out of power..
  • 【MAXIMUM VISCOSITY】The maximum paint viscosity our paint sprayer can spray is 50-60 DIN. We include a viscosity cup with the paint sprayer to help you ensure the paint viscosity. Fill the viscosity cup with paint. The paint does not need dilution if it can all pass through the viscosity cup within 20-40 seconds..
  • 【PACKAGE CONTENTS】1* Paint Sprayer, 1* 800 ml Paint Container, 3*Size Nozzles, 1*Viscosity Cup , 1*Cleaning Brush, 1*Spanner, 2*2000mAH Battery,1*charger,1*User Manual..
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BAOSHISHAN Rotary Viscometer Viscosity Tester 10-100,000mPa·s Fluidimeter Meter Newton Liquid Viscometer (NDJ-1)

  • [±5% ACCURACY] The viscometer uses a graduated disk, and the viscosity values are measured by moving the rotor rotation through the spinneret and spindle, has a large viscosity measurement range 10-100,000cps and the measurement error: ±5%, give your enough resolution to control my processes better..
  • [ROTORS x ROTATION RATE] Different rotors (1,2,3,4) can be selected according to the viscosity range of different test liquids, and different speed (60,30,12,6) can be set. The knob adjustment is straightforward with a coefficient table on the top for easy reference. You can unlock more unknown liquid viscosity..
  • [LIGHT WEIGHT BUT PRACTIALl] The rotary viscometer is light in weight, easy to move and operate flexibly. The helical gear lifting system effectively ensures that the viscometer can move up and down easily without sliding down by itself, which ensures the smooth progress of your experiment..
  • [APPLICATION] NDJ-1 has been widely used to determine and measure the liquid viscosity in many application such as grease, painting, plastic, pharmacy and adhesives. There are no limitations about the liquid, just put the rotor into the liquid and test it. But the liquid you measure should NOT exceed 80℃.
  • [GOOD WARRANTY] Viscosity meter tester is a precison ....
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TCP Global Brand SG244 Liquid Thickness & Viscosity Measuring Cup Ford # 4 Four Viscosimeter to Measure Paint

  • The Ford # 4 cup is a portable device for quickly checking and measuring the viscosity or thickness of paint, varnish, lacquer, stains, inks, syrups,....
  • Cup allows you to verify coating viscosity prior to painting, so you can fully atomize the paint spray, helping you achieve a flawless finish..
  • The Ford viscosity cup is a simple gravity device that permits the timed flow of a known volume of liquid passing through an orifice located at the....
  • To determine the viscosity of a liquid, the cup is dipped and completely filled with the substance..
  • After lifting the cup out of the substance the user measures the time until the liquid streaming out of it breaks up, this is the corresponding....
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1PC Glass Capillary Viscometer, 1833 kinematic viscometer, Downstream Flat viscometer, Overall Length Between 260 and 270 mm

  • Volume of cup: 44ml, Efflux time(sec): 20-80sec.
  • All 5 models, test viscosity from 10-1800 centistokes (cSt).
  • Meets ASTM D4212 standard quickly measure the viscosity of liquids such as Paint,Ink,Varnishes,Syrup and Oil..
  • The Stainless Steel Cups are molded precisely and the orifices are precision drilled using high-speed CNC drilling..
  • BAOSHISHAN Zahn Cups with solid construction are used to measure the flow behavior of liquids such as paints. Applicable to the construction site to quickly measure the viscosity of the paint to be sprayed.
  • more widely used in electronic products, plastic coatings industry, home made sauce, hydraulic oil and liquid viscosity in lab..
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Digital Rotary Viscometer with Temp. Probe 10-6, 000,000 mPa.s Viscosity Meter Tester with Data Communication and Printing Software, ±3% 110V

  • [APPLICTIONS]: This viscometer is mainly used to measure the absolute viscosity of the Newtonian liquids and the apparent viscosity of the Non-Newtonian liquid. Such as inks, paints, coatings, adhesives, greases, juices, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biological fluids, rubber, mud, pulp, etc..
  • [PARAMETERS]: Measuring range:10-6,000,000Mpa.s, model: NDJ-9S, accuracy: ±3%, rotor type: #1, #2, #3, #4, rotating speed: 0.3,0.6,1.5,3, 6, 12, 30, 60rpm/min, voltage: 110V. For low-viscosity liquid, please equip with #0 rotor..
  • [DIGTAL CONTROL]: This unit adopts backlight LED screen, which will display the data more clearly. Rotor, rotating speed, viscosity and temperature are all displayed on the screen. Micro computer control, easy to operate. Data transfer software is installed..
  • [AUTO SEARCH]: This viscometer is functioned with auto search. You can enter to get the right rotor according to the viscosity of your liquid sample liquid. It will effectively reduce the measuring errors in the experiment..
  • [INGENIOUS DESIGN]: Level bubble&spike screws on the base help you get the right angle. Stainless steel rotor fender bracket will also reduce the measuring error owe to rotor shaking..
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Mobil 1 0W-40, Engine Oil, 1 qt.

  • Price For: Each Timken OK Load: Not Specified Four-Ball Wear: Not Specified Dropping Point: Not Specified ISO Viscosity Grade: Not Specified Temp. Range: - Item: Motor Oil SAE Grade: 0W-40 Viscosity Index: 186 Series: Mobil 1(TM) Base: Synthetic Size: 1 qt. Viscosity @ 100C: 13.5 Container Type: Bottle Viscosity @ 40C: 75 Pour Point: -54 Degrees C.
  • Flash Point: 230 Degrees C Country of Origin (subject to change): United States.
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Serra-RX 260,000 SU Serrapeptase - Enteric Coated Proteolytic Systemic Enzyme, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Supports Sinus, Immune & Lung Health, 60 Veg Capsules

  • POWERFUL SYSTEMIC SUPPLEMENT: Serra-RX contains a potent 260,000 SPU of Serrapeptase (also known as Serratiopeptidase) per serving.*.
  • ENTERICALLY COATED: Serrapeptase in Serra-RX has enteric coating that is phthalate-free to boost absorption and efficiency.*.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE & FIBRIN METABOLISM: Proteolytic activity supports the body’s ability to break down proteins, lessen the effects of inflammation in the body, and promote scar tissue health.*.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY RESPIRATORY, SINUS FUNCTION & POST SURGERY RECOVERY: An all-natural systemic enzyme like Serrapeptase supports healthy blood flow and viscosity, immune cell response, and sinus and respiratory build-up of mucus in lung conditions.*.
  • QUALITY & PURITY YOU CAN TRUST: Manufactured in the USA. Free of wheat, egg, milk, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame..
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CGOLDENWALL NDJ-5S Rotary Visometer Digital Rotational Viscosity Meter Lab Viscometers 110-240V 1-100,000mPa.s Accuracy:±3.0% (With 0# rotor)

  • High Measuring Accuracy: Measurement range: 1mPa.S-100,000mPa.S (1mPa.S=1cp) Measurement error:±3%, with 5 rotors (No. 0,1, 2, 3, and 4) and 4 speeds (6, 12, 30, 60 rpm), which are composed of 20 combinations. You can determine viscosity as low as 1mPa.s with 0# rotor. If you need Thermometer Probe, you can search B08CHFGVP5.
  • Microcomputer Control Technology: Adopts advanced mechanical design, manufacturing technology and microcomputer control technology.This lab viscometers can be customized the data storage function. If you need output data to a computer, we will customize it for you.If you need calibration certificate, please also contact us.
  • LCD Digital Display:Has perfect data acquisition,can display the number of rotors, speed, viscosity, and percentage at the same time.
  • the LCD display uses high-brightness blue backlight to display the results more clearly..
  • Reliable and Easy to use: Has a measurement of high sensitivity, so the test results are reliable, and also, the operation is very easy.With automatic search function, when you don't know what rotor and speed to choose, it can quickly help you find the right rotor and speed.
  • Application: This rotary viscometer can be used to measure the absolute viscosity of the Newtonian liquids and the appa....
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